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i_gration's Journal

i_gration; an icon journal
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i_gration is the joint icon journal of souppy and elevation. The name comes from the word migration, only with out the m, and a randomly placed underscore added in. Migration implies moving on and forward. Growing and expanding. On June 6th, 2005, Souppy and Youcoda merged i_spoof and coyr together to continue growing in their icons as i_gration.

Alias: Kayla
Icons: Juat About Anything
Awards: Here.
Requests: Closed
Accepted At: hip_animanga; semi_elite
Mod: See link section of personal journal.

Alias: Souppy
Icons: Mostly Anime & Game; Limited American TV; Limited J-pop & J-rock
Awards: Here
Requests: Closed
Accepted: i_elitists; silvertoned; iconfession; semi_elite
Mod: saiyuki_awards; ky_awards
Judge: icon_idols

|x| If you see an icon that interests you, don't be afraid to take it.
|x| Comment when taking, so we know where our graphics are going. You don't have to ask, but please state which icons you're choosing so we now what styles to keep using, and so other people can find us. I Also, if we liked that icon too, we may say so.
|x| Please credit when you take or use a graphic. Crediting and commenting respects both the creator and others. It would be best to credit like: © elevation @ i_gration or © souppy @ i_gration, so that someone seeing your icon can look back in that persons post for more, or to comment that they are taking it.
|x| You may comment even if you're not taking any icons. We love feedback!
|x| Hotlinking is bad and will result in serious lynching punishment.
|x| Bases may be customized, but credit is still due. If you see a textless icon that does not specifically mention is a base, then it is not a base and you may not customize it.

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If you would like to be one, feel free to ask in the most recent post!

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